No matter what you require, our range of laundry services are designed to cater for you. We understand that time is often short, hence why we provide complete services to assist with your laundry cleaning needs. Simply call us.

Our methods and procedures here at Brite Dry Cleaners are designed to provide the most thorough clean to all garments. 

In order to do so, we cater for all washing and folding requirements. This service simplifies your laundry cleaning, taking a substantial load off your shoulders both physically and metaphorically, as we wash and fold for you.

 Naturally, we require a 5kg minimum and provide a range of options throughout the washing and folding process to make sure your needs are met.  

If you alternatively simply need your garments or Manchester ironed, we are happy to oblige.

These services are here just to help you, removing all the fancy techniques and bringing it back to just a simple clean. We use only quality cleaning products and environmentally friendly techniques as we not only care for your clothes, but also care for the environment.