"They are great to deal with and just very friendly people, they give all their customers very good reliable service which has always been absolutely trouble free for me."

----- John Webster

"This business is very service-orientated and they are always willing to get the job done . I sometimes go in there on short notice and tell them I need something clean by the next day and they always manage to get it done. This is an outstanding and extremely friendly and helpful service."

----- Stuart Carlos

"Brite Dry Cleaners is a very tightly run organisation. they meet and actually exceed their customers’ needs and know what they are doing. They are very experienced, they are knowledgeable and they provide top notch results."

----- Neil Burstin

"We use Brite for all our drycleaning needs at work, because they are always very flexible in their ability to fit in with our needs and really take the time to understand what I expect from their service. They are very good."

----- Ally Walters

"Whenever I have use the service of Brite Drycleaners, I am always very impressed with friendly and professional staff. They keep their workplace so cleaning and tidy-it is a nice place to walk in to. I have recommended it to many others."

----- Mark Steven

"I have been going to BriteDryCleaners for long time because their overall service is always impeccable. The quality of their work is just absolutely fantastic. They take great care of my things, listen to what I want and meet all my needs.

----- Fiona Gross