Repair & Alteration

Repair & Alteration

Over time our garments break down, and we here at Brite Dry Cleaners prefer to repair rather than dispose. Our professional tailor is highly skilled at repairing all items, no matter how major of minor. Like all our services, our repair and alteration service is focused on quality.

Our talented team work with your garment to ensure it is returned to picture-perfect condition. Whether it’s a minor or major repair, we guarantee complete restoration for your garment.

With fast turnaround times and highly experienced tailors, you’ll have your wardrobe back in order fast.

Alternatively, if the new item you purchased doesn’t quite fit right, then let us alter it.

Our meticulous attention to detail means you can trust us to complete all repair and alteration needs to your exact specification. We are dedicated to being a one stop show for all your clothing and laundry needs, and this is just another way we aim to help you.