Wedding & Ball Gowns

Wedding & Ball Gowns

Preserve your Wedding Dress or Ball Gown at Brite Dry Cleaners today. We restore your garment to the perfect condition and prepare it to be stored away. We offer storage services, where we wrap your dress in acid free tissue paper and package it within special acid free boxes. The acid free materials ensure that no yellowing occurs, unlike when polyethylene packaging is used, which is the source of discolouration.

Our wedding and ball gown cleaning service includes meticulous examination of your dress before our staff carry out the appropriate dry cleaning service. You’ll be quoted for the cleaning of your gown after an initial assessment, aimed to determine exactly what cleaning service will be most suited for you. We alter this service to cater specifically for your dress, often hand cleaning delicate elements to restore it to its full glory.

Our cleaning process is of the highest standard, with only the best quality cleaning products used throughout the process.

Ensure your garment is cared for by our bridal cleaning experts and contact Brite Dry Cleaners today. We take special care with all garments entrusted to us, and not only take care of your garment, but also the environment.